When the going gets tough, the Prime Vision experts roll up their sleeves to finalize their projects successfully. Especially at the end of a project this behavioral pattern became apparent. By introducing self-management and splitting up projects in short periods with specific targets we strengthened this DNA. As a result the team that participated in the pilot project became much more effective and the experts felt more committed to the project that was executed more effectively.

Based on the success of this approach Prime Vision posted an article in Postal Technology International, including the following quote:

“[Chaos2Work] was chosen by Prime Vision to implement Agile/Scrum and
it proved to be a pivotal move in focusing all this in-house talent.”

We introduced self-management via Agile project management. The project was split up into periods of 4 weeks each. At the start of each period (also called a sprint), the product owner, who acts as internal customer representative, presents the sprint goals to the team. Based on these goals the scrum master (project leader in standard terminology) generates the plan and determines which goals can be achieved within the given time frame and which cannot. During the sprint the required activities are executed by the experts. Which activity to start is decided by each of the experts. Because everyone works in the same room communication lines are extremely short. During the daily stand-up meetings (a very brief meeting where no one sits down) every team member explained briefly what he/she did yesterday, had planned for today and what was blocking his/her work.

Gradually it became clear what did and did not work. In some cases a sprint would last slightly longer or shorter or the team composition would change. Most important part was that the team decided how the goals of each sprint would be achieved.

By setting up the project ‘Agile’style we managed to clone Prime Vision’s DNA: sleeves were rolled up to reach the sprint goals, not just the final project goals. Eventually the project targets were more than met. Based on the success of this approach the company decided to enroll this way of working throughout the organization.