A woman in the upper echelons

Work hard, persevere, and stay who you are

Greta Thunberg is hot these days: a girl who, by herself, seems to have gotten the sluggish issue of environmental policy moving. In our interview about humble leadership, former Vice President of the internationally successful chip manufacturer, NXP, Renée van der Burg, mentions this 16-year-old Swede as a shining example: “This is what one person with confidence can achieve.” Believe in what you are doing and getting in there to do the dirty work – these are the most important lessons Renée can impart,as a woman in the male-dominated world of management. And – making your own success; seizing opportunities, even when you are not 100% sure of them.

Leadership – but different

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Interactions and patterns

In my last blog, I presented the model that we use to show how interactions can affect the performance of an organisation. Too many negative interactions can drain the energy and creativity from a team, leading to poor performance. Even too many positive interactions can have a negative impact, as there is no one to play ‘devil’s advocate’ or even just be the voice of reason. Getting the right balance of positive and negative interactions is critical for becoming a high performing team. In this blog, I will take a closer look at the positive and negative interactions.

Negative interactions

Too much negativity? Heated discussion during a meeting

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Analyzing interactions with the HiPerModel*

In our last blog, we looked at the importance of interactions in the world of business. In fact, 70% of the success of any company is reliant on interactions between people. And those interactions can be broken down into three easy E’s: Energy, Exploration and Engagement. This time round we’re going to look at this in more detail, with the HiPerModel.

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Building organizational excellence

There are many factors that affect the performance of a company: the vision and mission, the structure and processes, and the people. There is an assumption, particularly in high tech companies, that changing one will have a positive impact on the others. And while that can be the case, changing a company’s structure and processes in the hope of changing people’s behavior can often have exactly the opposite result. Why is that?

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Exploding teams

Imagine you are driving a car. Suddenly the engine explodes because the pressure became too high. Before the incident you already felt strange vibrations but thought: “As long as nothing happens…”. This may sound weird. Who accepts an exploding machine? No one, right? Therefore we equip machines with gauges and valves to ensure that the […]

Whether or not complex organizations…

Recent research at the University of California has shown that some weather extremes simply lie beyond standard (Gaussian) distribution. One of the conclusions of this research is that certain geographic factors must be included in the statistical assumptions and models that we use to predict weather. In the longer term it is very difficult to […]

The connecting factor

According to research done by the Boston Children’s Hospital the brains of autistic people show less long-distance connections than the brains of healthy people. It is much alike the railroad system in Europe: within countries the railway intensity is high, but crossing borders by train is often a very inefficient process. We see a similar […]

Effective storming

Sometimes you feel the tension when entering a room of seven hardworking experts. That was the case on a cold Friday morning in February 2011. When I asked how everyone was doing I got a slightly frustrated reaction: “Where doing wonderful!” Don’t get me wrong, communication is good, but I notices that something was brewing […]

Hoe maak je het onmogelijke mogelijk?

“De doelen van dit project zijn onmogelijk! Het contract met onze klant heeft afgesloten is onhaalbaar.” zo begon ons tweede project bij Prime Vision, marktleider op het vlak van handschriftherkenning en al jaren leverancier van innovatieve oplossingen van postbedrijven over de hele wereld. Als een expert aangeeft niet te geloven in de projectdoelen, dan is […]

Strengthening corporate DNA

When the going gets tough, the Prime Vision experts roll up their sleeves to finalize their projects successfully. Especially at the end of a project this behavioral pattern became apparent. By introducing self-management and splitting up projects in short periods with specific targets we strengthened this DNA. As a result the team that participated in […]