Bert Smeets 16Bert Smeets, founder of Chaos2Work, is a catalyst of teams and team dynamics. He makes organizations vastly more effective by linking company goals, personal drives, organizational culture and company structure. He strongly believes that businesses that flourish manage to harness and nurture the drive, energy and potential that is naturally present in their organization, teams and individuals.

His approach is based on chaos theory, fused with analytical psychology and adaptive change management into a unique and highly effective methodology.

He also uses his experience in sports as indoor soccer goal keeper, team coach and referee to motivate teams.

After having worked for more than 20 years in operations and business development in various international high-tech businesses he now works as consultant, mentor and coach. He links soft skills to business goals, and understands what makes people tick. He helps organizations to find the solution that is in each and everyone, unleashing the potential of people and making the organization vastly more productive.

Chaos2Work cooperates in a versatile network with various partners and is continuously looking for interesting new partners that provide added value to mutual customers.