Testimonials and case studies

Whether you are facing the challenge of a merger or acquisition, or being proactive towards further growth, we want to see your business flourish. Here are just a few success stories from companies that we have already helped.

Robbie Hughes

Bert has worked with our team in a recruitment and a high performance coaching capacity. His approach has allowed us to develop the team and bring real focus in how to work together better. I would strongly recommend any team with a focus on high performance in fast moving environments to work with Bert – his insight, manner and way of working has been very well received by all members of our team and we look forward to using him more throughout our organisation.

Robbie HughesCEO Qinec (UK)
Hans Scheuermann

“Within a single day Chaos2Work showed our potential as a team, and with just a few small adjustments they enabled us to make a giant leap in team performance.”

Hans ScheuermannManager Product Development Division at Ushio/Xtreme Technologies
HR Director Atos

Bert, ik vond het een uitermate nuttige, prettige en effectieve meeting. Ik merk nu al dat het intercollegiaal soepeler loopt. Voor mij is dat het eerste teken dat we effectiever kunnen opereren als team, en ook meer als eenheid kunnen optreden. De getoonde openheid in de sessie is daarvoor de basis geweest. Jouw rol in het creëren van de benodigde veiligheid en de mooie en blijkbaar treffende analyse van onszelf die je hebt aangereikt zijn daarvoor essentieel geweest.

HR Director Atos
Peter van der Hart

Cursussen en trainingen zijn er te kust en te keur. De vraag is altijd: hebben ze effect, worden de verwachte doelen inderdaad behaald? Op een misinvestering en teleurstelling zit niemand te wachten. De training die ik bij Chaos2Work gevolgd heb was van hoogstaande kwaliteit, zat goed in elkaar en heeft mij absoluut gebracht wat ik ervan verwachtte. Met name de objectieve, niet manipuleerbare persoonlijkheidstest en het daaraan gekoppelde coachingstraject gaven mij vertrouwen in de training als geheel. De open en ontspannen sfeer gedurende de trainingssessies heb ik als bijzonder plezierig ervaren. Door het volgen van de training ben ik veel beter in staat mijzelf en anderen te begrijpen en de juiste dingen te doen om optimaal en ontspannen te functioneren.

Peter van der Hart Projectleider, Cegelec
Wilco Van Houtum

Bert’s coaching has been of great value to better understand my personal drivers en the way this affects interaction with business partners. Impressive how Bert can bring psychological subjects to a level that it appeals to beta thinkers. Bert’s coaching has brought me great insight in which direction to steer my career, so it’s in balance with my personality. Thanks Bert for the great insights.

Wilco Van Houtum Senior Advisor SCM at PwC TruEconomy
Hans Velthuizen

Bert is a perceptive and sensitive career coach who creates a safe and yet challenging arena to explore ones current situation and future direction. His practical and positive attitude makes each session highly productive. Bert is a personal coach by nature. He has a sharp eye on people’s skills and personal development.

Hans Velthuizen Business Consultant EMEA at Kinaxis
Frank Metsemakers

Bert helped me to get focus in new ideas on personal development. I worked with him in both team and individual meetings and in both he gave the right directions and asked the right questions which helped me to point out my strength, weaknesses and especially chances for personal growth.

Frank Metsemakers Coördinator Gebiedsontwikkeling at Woonbedrijf
Peter Heijliger

Bert is an open, easy going, honest and straight person that helped me with organizing and exploring the areas where I can develop professionally and personally. I’m really enthusiastic about the method Bert uses as it shuts out the reasoning and brings you back to the essence of what you are. Via good analytical interactions and sharp observations Bert leads you through all aspects of your personality, to give you a better understanding what way to choose to use your full strength and therefore become more successful in what you are good at and happy with who you are and what you do.

Peter HeijligerCoach at Eiffel
Jeroen Ingelse

In his role as personal coach Bert has been a great support for me to learn how to make my decisions in life (personal and career) more conscious. His approach is both highly professional and personal at the same time. The way Bert builds trust and asks to the point questions during the coaching session is impressive and lead to opening up and getting to the core of the essence. The tool he uses (Competence and Development Tool based on Jung) has been very effective in gaining insight in my personal profile and what I can do myself to become more effective. Bert has shown to be able to work with the Me. tool very effectively. Thanks to Bert I had a very insightful period and made next steps in my personal development.

Jeroen IngelseRegional Commodity Leader Europe at Philips
Jos Hensen

At Nspyre we were colleagues. His openness and enthusiasm made it a pleasure to work with Bert. After Bert started Chaos2Work, he coached me using the Me. tool. It was very special to experience the effectiveness of his approach. It helped me to set my personal focus and to be more effective professionally.

Jos Hensen Owner and Senior Consultant at Greywise Consultancy
Jelle Houben

Early 2011, we hired Bert as our coach because, from the first moment we met, he has shown to be capable of connecting ‘soft’ issues such as competence and communication to the ‘harder’ aspects of business-development and relation management. He is a very pleasant, sincere and committed partner in the progressive realization of our goals.

Jelle Houben owner, Houben & Van Mierlo Architecten
Pyramidion (B)

The Chaos2Work process really challenged us to grow as individuals and as a group. Understanding that small changes in the way we communicate and behave towards each other can have a major impact on our overall performance seems so obvious. But the insight allowed us to see our own strengths, weaknesses and behavioural characteristics, and the steps we should take to manage and adjust them.
The initial process was short and relatively painless but the benefits immediate. The data was explained after the first session but can be analysed and reviewed in your own time. This gave us the freedom to look introspectively, at ourselves as individuals and as a company, and plan ahead for the goals we want to achieve.
For Pyramidion (www.pyramidion.be), the Chaos2Work approach was the first step towards taking a more proactive, collaborative style of working. This has made us a close-knit, productive team, and the benefits were immediately apparent. After only one session, we were more communicative and willing to share problems, which meant solutions could be found more quickly than before.
If you want to see quick, long-lasting change right through the company, then this is the process for you.

Pyramidion (B)
Maarten Klomp

Early 2012 I hired Bert to help us with the implementation of methods and coaching to create high performing project teams in a complex and highly dynamic product development environment. Bert teaches what he preaches; Focus on people, both individually as well as on team dynamics. Bert effectively implemented the Scrum method into a high profile project within NTS with excellent results. Bert is consistently and persistently focusing on what we “can do” instead of what we “cannot do” in his daily operations. Bottlenecks happening are resolved by using team members’ strengths, steering away from people’s fears or anxieties that could compromise the team’s solution power. Working with Bert has been an inspiring experience and has moved the NTS group forward in bringing more value to our customers.

Maarten Klomp Head of Project Management, NTS Systems Development Division
Volker Kilian

I had the pleasure of working with Bert during 2011. He is highly skilled in analyzing structures and processes within organizations and projects. In combination with his creative ideas and practical approach, this creates significant added value short and mid term for an organization. I know Bert as a very dedicated, committed and hard working colleague.

Volker Kilian Program Manager at Ushio/XTREME Technologies GmbH
Luis Chivico

Until just recently, I have been Bert’s colleague and I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and passion. Besides being a joy to work with Bert, he has successfully supported the marketing team that has resulted in increased sales revenue. Bert was an asset to our marketing and sales efforts, he was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.”

Luis Chivico Senior Product Manager Electronics Fluorescent Ballasts EMEA at Philips Lighting